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The Maypole may refer to Yggdrasil, the axis linking the underworld with the world of the living with the heavens. and numerous other realms.

Special Events

Daily Farm Tours are available from Memorial Day through Columbus Day weekend from Noon to 3

Wednesdays and Saturdays Produce Stand is open from 10 am until noon.

Suttende Mai Celebration May 17. A Scandinavian Coffee with Pastries available noon to 3.

Midsummer Celebration” June 24th refers to specific European celebrations that accompany the summer solstice. European midsummer-related holidays, traditions, and celebrations are pre-Christian in origin. They are particularly important in Northern Europe - Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Norse Horse Park will have special events. Times to be posted.

Scandinavian Festival Weekend August 5th - 7th Viking Encampment and Re-Enactment 10 am-3pm.

Leiv Eriksson Day October 9th